Capacity Building

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The Agency will provide capacity building assistance through training (skills building), information transfer, and technology transfer to improve access to and utilization of various services


Technical Consultation

¨                  Agency delivers expert advice to key personnel on how to accomplish a task or series of tasks with the intent that the activity will be carried out by the recipient of the advice.

¨                  Consultation may be provided telephonically, on-site, electronically, or through written documents


Skills Building

¨                  Agency facilitates the enhancement of skill sets of key personnel who carry out core functions within the organization or social group

¨                  Delivered through training of staff, board, trainers, and volunteers.


Information & Technology Transfer

¨                  Provides, collects, packages and disseminates information to the recipients in a culturally appropriate manner.

¨                  Information may be disseminated orally, or through newsletters, technical reports, conference announcements, web sites, batch faxes, etc.

¨                  Agency facilitates access to products, methodologies, or techniques that increase capacity.

¨                  Agency and recipients may collaborate to adapt technology, methodologies, or techniques to fit local culture and conditions




            ¨ Development of a culturally sensitive training curriculum

            ¨ Adoption of a new intervention method.


These services are provided using two logical frameworks:


1.      Individual Level

¨                  General knowledge of available services

¨                  Stigma elimination skills to eliminate socio-cultural barriers

¨                  Assessment skills (i.e., moderating focus groups)

¨                  Motivational skills to improve access to and utilization of services


2.      Community Level

¨                  Strategic Planning to organize community wide efforts to improve access to services.

¨                  Network and coalition development.

¨                  Leadership

¨                  Community education to eliminate barriers and improve access to services and programs

¨                  Community assessments (such as community readiness and community mapping).