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Photo Gallery

More photos of various trips and projects thoughout the Western Hemisphere

Ministerio Minrex

Deputy Minister

Discussion of Latina Issues

Brief Description

Disaster Prevention Training -Houston, TX

Pre-Conference Warmup

Street Market Guatemala

Shopping in Guatemala

Leprosarium outside Havana, Cuba

Bringing Medical supplies to the Sisters of Mercy

Leprosarium outside Havana, Cuba

Shrine to St. Francis


Guatemalan Minister and Deputy Minister of Health

Community Service Bus

Our Pictures on the side of Lynx Bus

2010 WHO Annual Meeting

Annual Conference of Health Ministers

Mexico City Holiday Inn

2009 Conference on Hospitals

OPS/OMS Meeting Havana, Cuba

Sra. Dra. Lea Guido Lopez

Representante Permanente-Cuba

OPS/OMS Meeting Havana, Cuba

Dr. Enrique Vega

WHO/PAHO Director of Aging- Washington, DC

2010 CNC 15th National Conference -Orlando

Dinner @ CityWalk