Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

Photos from various trips and program visits throughout the Western Hemisphere


Senior Volunteer Breakfast

Conference on Aging

La Salud De Las Personas Mayores- Havana, Cuba

White House Conference on Aging

Delegate to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging

Class Graduation

Graduation of Lutheran Refugee Services Clients as Home Health Aides

Guatemala Visit

Visit to only Senior Agency in Guatemala, the ERMITA Alzheimer's Program

United Nations Update on Global Aging

The President of AARP, Dr. Lopez, Head of UN Aging

FORO 2007

Dr. Lopez speaking at International HIV/AIDS Conf. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

WHO Conference on Aging

Dr. Lopez speaking at the World Health Organization

Women's Conference

Vist of Marcela Suazo of the UN Population Fund to The Life Project- Orlando, Florida

Guatemala Visit

Visit to the Universidad Galileo- Guatemala City

Guatemala Visit

Native Arts & Crafts in Guatemala

Guatemala Visit

Guatemala's a lot like Miami

Hispanic Women's Conference

Marcela Suazo of the UN Population Fund as Guest Speaker at the University of Central Florida