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Mission Statement

The agency shall be an organization to operate exclusively for charitable and social service purposes, including but not limited to the following:To advocate on behalf of the Hispanic and Minority elderly and to become a resource center providing information and assistance with issues affecting minority elderly such as; Nutrition, Immigration, Social Security, Medicaid/ Medicare, Transportation and Affordable Housing.To provide assistance to low and moderate income individuals and families, with Healthcare and Health Education on issues affecting the minority communities.To work on improving the understanding and support of our diverse community for community based activities.To promote independence among low and moderate income minorities by helping people to help themselves in a relationship of mutual rights and responsibilities. 



The agency provides Senior Advocacy, Information & Referral Services, Immigration Assistance, SSI Assistance, Nutritional Information & Assistance, Translations & Interpretations.  At various times classes or seminars are held to help educate Seniors about ongoing issues The Agency also provides training programs for a variety of subjects for both individuals and agencies.


Capacity Building

The Agency will provide capacity building assistance through training (skills building), information transfer, and technology transfer to improve access to and utilization of various services


Purpose of Program

1. Improve access to and utilization of prevention services

2. Increase the capacity of CBO’s to link people to appropriate

prevention, care, and treatment services. In order to reach its

goals the agency provides and delivers the following training/

workshops (skills building activities):


Promote the understanding about basic nutrition, and its importance later in life as well as in the early stages of development, to prevent illness and promote general mental and physical wellbeing.

Promote the need to remain Mentally active and Socially involved to maintain mental awareness and current to the state of the world in which they live.

Promote the independence of low and moderate individuals and families through home ownership by increasing the amount of available affordable housing.